Megan Medina

I found John at a really pivotal point in my life. I had just decided to run my first 5k. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to prepare myself but I knew it was something I needed to do. You see, I was trying to find something that was good for my health and therapeutic as well. I was 33 years old at the time, Mom of 2 young boys, overweight and a wife trying to balance work and home. John truly convinced me that you don’t need to be the fastest person out there…Committing to a race and showing up was within itself an amazing feat. I soon found out that everyone at the “back of the pack” was my kind of people. Individuals that were full of spirit in all shapes, ages and skill levels. I was blown away. I knew it was hard, but I felt that I needed to do this. My life had become a game of “tug of war” and I was literally the rope among my family. Running..was something I could do for ME. I felt better, more energetic, slept better…I had found my “therapy”, my alone time if you will (most Mom’s will agree that even if we try really hard..It rarely happens.) I had my struggles and John was there for me every time I had an idiotic question. With John’s help and coaching, I was able to complete my first 10k. I look up to him for his guidance, wisdom and overall nature of perseverance. Thanks, Yoda!