Tabitha Hill

What I love about the podcast is that it’s for everyone…not just the elite age groupers or the ‘naturally gifted’ athlete. You break down knowledge and explain things in ways that are relatable and pertinent. I love it when you geek out on gear or the science of the body. I look forward to my commute on days when you drop an episode because I know I’m going to laugh and learn something. John and Randy have big hearts and true desire to help others find their passion and love for endurance sports. Keep up the great work.

Brent Larimer

FST is Endurance for Everyone, not just the “fat”, not just the “slow,” not just the “triathlete”. I just finished year 1 as a triathlete and felt like John and Randy were there the whole time. I’m pretty competitive, but each week these guys inspire me on so many levels. They represent all that is good in USAT and the dedication to push on when life is trying to hold you down. Even when everyone else is telling me I’m crazy, they prove I’m not. They’ll answer your questions or research it and give it their best shot. It’s really a great community and can be for everyone.

Megan Medina

I found John at a really pivotal point in my life. I had just decided to run my first 5k. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to prepare myself but I knew it was something I needed to do. You see, I was trying to find something that was good for my health and therapeutic as well. I was 33 years old at the time, Mom of 2 young boys, overweight and a wife trying to balance work and home. John truly convinced me that you don’t need to be the fastest person out there…Committing to a race and showing up was within itself an amazing feat. I soon found out that everyone at the “back of the pack” was my kind of people. Individuals that were full of spirit in all shapes, ages and skill levels. I was blown away. I knew it was hard, but I felt that I needed to do this. My life had become a game of “tug of war” and I was literally the rope among my family. Running..was something I could do for ME. I felt better, more energetic, slept better…I had found my “therapy”, my alone time if you will (most Mom’s will agree that even if we try really hard..It rarely happens.) I had my struggles and John was there for me every time I had an idiotic question. With John’s help and coaching, I was able to complete my first 10k. I look up to him for his guidance, wisdom and overall nature of perseverance. Thanks, Yoda!

Karen Clarke

I am not a triathlete and am not overweight. I am also not particularly slow – I am a mid-pack ultramarathon runner who, as much as I love running, still struggles with issues around food and motivation. There are many trail and ultrarunning podcasts out there but I always look out for John and Randy’s because they speak openly and honestly about what it really takes to keep improving as an endurance athlete. They don’t isolate training issues from everyday life issues and that makes it very real and very relevant. Please keep it up, guys!

Roxanne Baggott

I do not consider myself an “athlete”, but rather a person who has been given several “second chances” at life and now choose to live it to the fullest. After cancer treatment, I decided to try running. I quickly figured out that I much preferred run/walk over running. But, I didn’t consider myself a “runner” because I didn’t run the whole time. I didn’t know anyone else who did run/walk so it was pretty much a solo experience. After discovering the (then FST), now E4E Facebook group and podcast, I realized that athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We have some here who are very fast, some who are slow, beginners, experienced, heavyweight, lightweight. Some bike, some swim, some run (and run/walk), some do all 3. But there is a shared commonality. We all strive to be the “best we can be” with our fitness and health. I find great support, motivation, and encouragement here, and in turn, try to offer encouragement to others.

Thanks, John, for your work on E4E FB and podcast. Nothing better for motivation on a Sunday morning long run than a fresh new E4E podcast!