Endurance for Everyone

Welcome to teamE4E and Endurance for Everyone

So, who are we?

Endurance for Everyone has little to do with weight, quickness, or even ability. It is meant to provide an inclusive atmosphere for the adult-onset athlete, where support and acceptance can go a long way in bringing everyone to a healthier lifestyle. It’s a way of thinking that doesn’t allow for obstacles to get in the way of the things you want to achieve. If you’re “fat” … so what? “Slow”? ….so what?

It’s a way of saying, that no matter what my current obstacles are, I can get off the couch and train, and I can compete in and complete any race I set my mind to complete.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Endurance For Everyone, LLC to promote the healthy participation in endurance events regardless of current fitness level. The leadership and members of teamE4E believe with proper and appropriate training, nutrition, and motivation, along with the support and guidance of a team, that everyone can complete, and even compete, in long course events.

If you have ideas or general questions about anything I write about here or discuss on the Endurance For Everyone podcast or Facebook page, please shoot an email to teamE4E@EnduranceForEveryone.com.


The Racing Equation

We cannot always be podium finishers, especially within the readership of this blog or listeners of the podcast. Yes, we do have a few that finish high in the standings at each race, but the majority of us are middle of the pack to the back of the pack people, so measuring our success or failures based …